“FaME-DST is a decision support tool for the selection of optimal wastewater treatment technologies for the removal of conventional and emerging contaminants and to identify optimal solutions for sludge management, nutrient recovery and energy recovery. This software has been developed as part of a project called: Fate and Management of Emerging contaminants (FaME) at the Centre for Water Systems (CWS), University of Exeter and is now available on this webpage. The FaME Project was funded by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), UK and Department of Science & Technology (DST), the Government of India.

Led by Prof Fayyaz Ali Memon, the FAME team included Prof David Butler and Prof Shaowei Zhang from the University of Exeter, Dr Sarah Bell from UCL (now at the University of Melbourne), Prof Ligy Philip (IIT-Madras), Prof Absar Kazmi and Dr Bhanu Prakash Vellanki (IIT Roorkee). Dr Seyed Sadr was the main developer of the FaME-DST.
If you would like to download a free copy of the tool and associated user manual, please register on the right-hand side of this webpage. We would be grateful if you could please give us some feedback on your experience with FaME-DST. Thank you.”

If you would like to register on this webpage and download the FaME-DST installation package, please visit the webpage via a desktop browser; thank you